Artistic Pursuit

I hear Hong Kong calling. The voice resonates vigorously in my heart.  I am extremely delighted each time I walk along the waterfront, watching the gulls and herons, enjoying the morning breeze and freedom of the sea.  I am deeply proud of Chinese culture.  I wonder if I can help foster   development of the culture.  I paint Hong Kong sceneries - not entirely realistic.  I came across   Taoism as a teenager.  I believe the integration of heaven and human, the loss of mindfulness as emphasized by traditional landscape paintings can be promulgated.  Chinese landscape paintings focus on the inner spiritual temperament.  This seems to be incompatible with Western paintings that focus on external forms.  I hope to apply the artistic concept of "re-shape and color" of Western paintings under the premise of retaining the basic elements of Chinese painting.  I endeavor to identify the universal language of Chinese painting and have it infused into paintings worldwide.  I apply the lines of Chinese painting and ink rhyme to express spiritual interest.  I aim to paint Western scenery that harbours oriental spirit and aesthetic meaning, creating a fresh, elegant and timeless aesthetic taste.

I do constantly pursue the use of Chinese emotions to explore new approach on Chinese art expression.  I like leading one’s vision of the picture through mountains and rivers, space and layers, far and close.  My landscape painting manifests a unique sense of presence and mystery. Owing to my passion and endeavor on artistic creation, I observe in details in architectures, flowers and all walks of lifes.