Artistic Studies & Awards

  • 2007, 2013 Graduated from Art Specialist Course (Chinese painting) in Hong Kong Visual Art Centre 

  • 2007 Studying ink painting following Mr. Lam Wu Fui (the Liang Nam master)

  • 2005 Studied seal carving following Mr. Tao Kam Tim   

  • 2006 Studied picture framing following Mr. Tsang Lok Yin

  • 2014 Graduated from Art Specialist Course  (Chinese Calligraphy) in Hong Kong Visual Art Centre 

  • 2014 Studied “Nihonga” (Japanese Painting) in Department of Fine Arts, Tunghai University, Taiwan (July -Aug,)

  • 2016 Learning Guqin from Mr. Yao GongBai, the Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage Art of Guqin

  • 2017, One of the selected entries to the “UOB Art In Ink Award” organised by UOB Art Academy Hong Kong

  • 2017 Awarded Honourable Mention in an Ink Painting Competition organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Union Cultural & Arts Advancement Association

  • 2017, One of the Selected entries to the 34th round Japanese-Chinese black and white drawing combination exhibition in TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUM

  • 2018, One of the selected entries to the "The Untitled Artists" Campaign organised by Our Gallery, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

  • 2019  One of the selected entries in Ongoing Conversation: Recall, Recollect, and Reconstruct Juried Show, Kyoto, Japan

I'“Sunset At Clock Tower” is adopted as the cover of a newly published political novel “荒澤之魚” (ISBN 978-988-77846-2-3) in April 2018.